Lenses Nikon Sunstyle  




Outdoors have always been a big part of our lives. Discover the hidden details in sunlight with SunStyle which combines styling with exceptional quality, performance and comfort. SunStyle connects you to the things that matter most in life.


Recommended For: Wearers willing to combine a high protection against UV and fashion consciousness.



  • The best UV protection from front and backside of the lens
  • Eliminates bothersome glare to reduce eyestrain
  • Combines a clear and sharp vision with better aesthetics





About the product: A wide selection of solid and gradient colors that follow the latest trends. Enjoy superior clarity, comfort and protection while creating your unique look.




About the product: Polar lenses suppress the glare by reflection for a perfectly contrasted vision. Dedicated to wearers needing an ultimate protection for extreme light conditions (outdoor sports as sailing, skiing and hiking).




About the product: Sun lenses become your new trendy accessory with this mirror effect. Ideal for wearers with fashion conscious willing to express their style and remain fully protected against UV rays.


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