Lenses Nikon SeeCoat Bright  


SeeCoat Bright


Brightening your vision in any condition


Recommended For Those who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception at night or in dim light conditions.



  • Ultimate protection for your lenses (cleaner, clearer, tougher and dust free)
  • Enhanced Colour Perception
  • High contrast with a boost in low light situations


SeeCoat Bright is an innovative coating that delivers superior lens protection and enhances colour tansmission, especially in low light situations. Colour transmission changes according to the intensity of light. Under dim lighting, the eye’s perception of the red colour spectrum diminishes. As a result, colours may appear dull. This loss of colour sensitivity in dim lighting becomes even more notable after the age of 40 as the crystalline lens ages. SeeCoat Bright supplements the transmission of red wavelengths, resulting in more natural colour perception and increased contrast.



Brighter vision


Enjoy every detail and color as they were meant to be seen even in low light.


image image
Conventional lens SeeCoat Bright


Better contrast


Contrast levels are enhanced such that you see dark areas darker and bright areas brighter.


image image
Conventional lens SeeCoat Bright



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